Breeam indoor air quality test

breeam assessment in a new development

In this article, we look at a recent visit to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality to check for BREEAM compliancy. The overall objectives of the assessment were to measure the concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor environment, measure the concentration of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the indoor environment and evaluate [...]

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Mould investigation and employees exposure evaluation in Leeds

moulds survey and air quality evaluation in leeds

In this article, we take a look at a local library we were called to evaluate and certify safe for occupation. After evaluating the general state of the building, looking at the level of fungal contamination and conducting microbiological analysis, we identified that the air quality in the basement bookstores was poor with respect to [...]

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Occupational Exposure Monitoring for Hazardous Fumes

dust assessment in workplace

As part of our duty to guarantee the air quality of premises around the UK, recently we were called to carry out an assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances in accordance with the HSE document “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health” 2002. The overall objectives of our assessment were to measure the atmospheric concentration [...]

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Air quality surveys in a residential home in London

Mould to ceiling

In this episode, we look at a case where we were called to carry out a property inspection and microbiological sampling. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the levels of fungal elements in the indoor air and evaluate the risk to health of the property occupants. The property itself was a two-storey detached [...]

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Indoor air quality investigation at police HQ

indoor air quality investigation

For this project we were called to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a police station, looking for biological and chemical contaminants with reports of burnt odours on the premises and symptoms of irritation amongst the staff. After evaluating the general state of the building, it was our opinion that the indoor [...]

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Workplace noise exposure assessment at Tyco

workplace noise assessment

Recently we were asked to carry out an assessment of occupational exposure to noise at a manufacturing plant. It was our job to evaluate the daily personal exposure levels of employees to peak high intensity sound, and to identify sources of excessive noise and recommend suitable control measures. After completing our investigation we identified that [...]

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Breeam Air Quality Plan for West Gordon Community Hub

At West Gorton Community hub we were called to help draw up an indoor air, BREEAM air quality plan. As part of our plan we need to describe the steps that would be taken during design construction, commissioning and handover of the community hub to ensure that the indoor air quality was acceptable. The community [...]

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Mould Survey & Damp Investigation in Kidlington

mould investigation in Kidlington, Oxford

Kidlington is a large village, 5 miles north of Oxford, and was the home of our next client. The client had requested an indoor air quality report of a dental surgery which was a semi-detached two-storey building and was situated on a major road. The building dates back to the early 1900’s and had recently [...]

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Mould Survey & Damp Investigation in Oldham

Damp and mould investigation in Oldham

  Travelling north towards the Pennines, we were off to the town of Oldham to a client who had asked us to perform an assessment of the indoor air quality of their dental surgery. The building itself was a two-storey end of terrace, situated in a residential area, and has four surgery rooms over two [...]

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Breeam air quality test for microbiological laboratory

Not too long ago we were called to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality for the purpose of the BREEAM Assessment scheme. Our analysis would reveal whether or not there was an air quality problem, and if there was, seek to implement a HEA-02 air quality plan to rectify it. The building we [...]

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