Indoor Air Quality assessment in Bedford

Indoor air quality assessment in bedford

Why is good indoor air quality important? Good indoor air quality is important, mainly for our health. Most of us spend a significant amount of our time indoors whether it be at home, in an office or other workplaces. Poor indoor air quality can cause a number of symptoms such as; headaches, allergies, fatigue, eye [...]

Indoor Air Quality Assessment in Margate

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Concerns regarding damp in a dental practice Our client based in Margate contacted us with concerns regarding damp in their dental practice. They instructed us to carry out an indoor air quality assessment in relation to biological contaminants. The dental practice is a three storey terraced townhouse which consists of four levels, the ground and [...]

Exposure to Hazardous Substances in Wednesbury

Adequate control of substances hazardous to health We were called to a workshop based in Wednesbury, that specialised in the manufacturing of intrinsically safe electrical equipment. Our client was concerned about the concentrations of hazardous substances, which his employees were being exposed to during their working day.  The site consisted of one open plan unit, [...]

Mould investigation at a development site

Mould investigation at development site

Evidence of mould contamination  A large developer contacted us and requested us to evaluate an occurrence of mould contamination on a new development site. The development is a former large factory which is being refurbished into a combination of retirement residential apartments, care units and a range of welfare facilities for the elderly. Due to [...]

Indoor air quality assessment in regards to Formaldehyde

assessing indoor air quality in regards to formaldehyde

What is Formaldehyde and where is it found? Formaldehyde has many medical and industrial applications. The ubiquitous low-molecular weight substance is volatile and can be found indoors as well as outdoors. It is found extensively in textiles as well as in building products used in commercial and residential buildings. Millions of us are unknowingly exposed [...]

Mould investigation in a period building

Mould investigation in a period building

Are period buildings prone to mould? Old, dusty and damp period buildings provide perfect conditions for mould growth. In such buildings mould can be found growing on wall surfaces, the ceiling and on interior decorations. The main reason for this is usually the deterioration of building materials used in the construction all those years ago. [...]

Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances

Are employees exposed to hazardous substances? When working in factories employees are exposed to a number of hazardous substances which are produced as a result of producing items made from materials such as metals and plastics. It is the employers role to ensure that the levels of hazardous substances which their employees are exposed to [...]

Damp and Mould survey in Cardiff

Damp survey in Cardiff

History of damp at a dental practice Cardiff was home to our latest project. There were concerns regarding damp so we were invited along and asked to evaluate the extent of the water damage to the property, identify the root causes of the damp and to recommend the most suitable remediation measures.  The investigation would [...]

Indoor Air Quality Assessment in Keighley

Indoor air quality assesment in Keighley

Implications of poor indoor air quality Our clients choose us because of our professionalism and high standards of quality within our work. Clients understand that the indoor air quality of their properties is extremely important. There are numerous contributors to poor air quality such as chemicals, mould, particulates and poor ventilation, and the improvement of [...]

Conducting a damp survey in Birmingham

Conducting a damp survey

Evidence of damp in a residential property From our experience it is very common for residential properties to suffer with damp and mould. This can be for many reasons including; poor indoor air quality, water damage from leaks and as a result of building materials not drying properly for example plastering. Our next client contacted [...]