Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances

Are employees exposed to hazardous substances? When working in factories employees are exposed to a number of hazardous substances which are produced as a result of producing items made from materials such as metals and plastics. It is the employers role to ensure that the levels of hazardous substances which their employees are exposed to [...]

Damp and Mould survey in Cardiff

Damp survey in Cardiff

History of damp at a dental practice Cardiff was home to our latest project. There were concerns regarding damp so we were invited along and asked to evaluate the extent of the water damage to the property, identify the root causes of the damp and to recommend the most suitable remediation measures.  The investigation would [...]

Indoor Air Quality Assessment in Keighley

Indoor air quality assesment in Keighley

Implications of poor indoor air quality Our clients choose us because of our professionalism and high standards of quality within our work. Clients understand that the indoor air quality of their properties is extremely important. There are numerous contributors to poor air quality such as chemicals, mould, particulates and poor ventilation, and the improvement of [...]

Conducting a damp survey in Birmingham

Conducting a damp survey

Evidence of damp in a residential property From our experience it is very common for residential properties to suffer with damp and mould. This can be for many reasons including; poor indoor air quality, water damage from leaks and as a result of building materials not drying properly for example plastering. Our next client contacted [...]

Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Occupational exposure to hazardous substances

Hazardous Substances in the workplace We were invited to a factory based in Braintree, which specialises in the production of construction steel, advertising billboards and flood light and telecommunication pylons. We were asked to carry out an assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances as employees are likely to be exposed to inhalable and respirable [...]

Conducting a Lead Survey at a Shooting School

Lead survey at a shooting school

Lead Particles at a Shooting School When a gun is fired, the base of a lead bullet can become airborne as a microscopic particulate. The bullet fragments further when it hits a target or backstop. That entire area is then potentially contaminated. Our client invited us to their shooting school based in Kent and asked [...]

Microbiological Investigation in Rickmansworth

Microbiological investigation

Microbiological investigation A client contacted us with concerns regarding fungal contamination and asked us to carry out a microbiological investigation. Our main objectives of this investigation were to evaluate the levels of fungal elements in the indoor air and to evaluate the risk to the health of the property occupants.  The property we attended was [...]

Building inspection and Damp survey

Building investigation and damp survey

History of damp within the property A dental practice in Port Talbot was our next stop. Our client contacted us as the building had a history of damp and leaks and he wanted to know the extent of the water damage to the building. We agreed to attend the property with the objective of assessing [...]

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Indoor air quality assessment in residential property

Why we were called to carry out an assessment of Indoor Air Quality Bedfordshire was home to our next project, a two storey detached residential property. The property was constructed as part of a new residential development so is surrounded by properties of similar construction and use. The building consists of a kitchen, toilet, storage [...]

Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Occupational exposure to hazardous substances

Employees exposed to Hazardous Substances Our next project took us to West Yorkshire, where we attended a Sculpture Park. Our client asked us to carry out an assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances as their employees were working in close proximity to sculptures made with crystalline penta-hydrate of copper sulphate. Our client needed to [...]