VOC test for a failed BREEAM development

voc testing for breeam development

Indoor air quality testing is one of the requirement in obtaining credits for Breeam projects. Breeam put an emphasis on the well being of future occupant and the developers must follow strict guidelines to unsure high quality of the indoor environment. One of the parameters that is closely monitored is indoor air quality which is ensured [...]

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Air quality investigation in college IT room

college computer room air quality

Investigation of air quality problems is a difficult task requiring detailed knowledge about the affected environment, possible contaminants sources and most of all it requires an open mind to be able to spot potential problem areas. I have been asked to investigate possible indoor air quality problems in an Oxford college after one of the [...]

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Air quality concerns following office fumigation

air quality problem after fumigation

I have been invited to carry out an extensive air quality investigation in a IT suite and a large office complex. The IT room was affected by large moth infestation. In order to resolve the infestation issue a contractor company has been appointed to carry out a fumigation of the room. The room has been [...]

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Air quality concerns after refurbishment

indoor air quality investigation

Newly refurbished buildings can sometimes suffer from air quality problems. The problems are mainly associated with off gassing from different pieces of furniture, carpets, decorative paints silicon and adhesive. These problems are most intense shortly after the installation but gradually subside. The speed at which this happens greatly depends of the rate of ventilation and [...]

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Microscopic investigation of house dust

I have carried out investigation into dust pollution inside of an residential property. The property owner was suffering from frequent respiratory difficulties which were most likely associated with exposure to some irritating agent most likely dust particles. After the discussion with the client we have decided that the best course of action in our investigation [...]

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Aspergillus fungal infection due to past time activities

People can sometimes experience deterioration of their health in their homes for no apparent reason. I have recently visited a property where an elderly gentleman started to suffer from shortness of breath, tiredness, lethargy and general exhaustion. It is only natural to us that we immediately try to identify the cause of such problems and [...]

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Unusual source of odours in victorian building apartment

This investigation in middle of October took me to central London area. This area is well known for its beautiful architecture and magnificent buildings. The apartment I was investigating was situated in a larger building complex in a residential area but close to some major traffic routes in the city. The house was approximately 200 [...]

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Poor air qaulity in the office environment

Office environments are places which often suffer from indoor air quality problems. The reasons for poor  air quality can range from insufficient fresh air supply, poor air filtration, off gassing from furniture and fittings, contaminants introduced by maintenance or cleaning personnel,  building services failures, contaminants introduced by occupants them self, computers, photocopiers and  many others. [...]

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Basement (crawlspace ) air causing indoor air quality problems

Air quality investigation is a complex task an only rarely the investigator come across immediately obvious answer to a problem. Typical investigation will usually involve sampling for most likely contaminants in the hope that some will be present at the concentration likely to cause the experienced adverse health symptoms. Preparation and consultation with the client [...]

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Exposure to coppper sulphate at art exhibition

Chemicals substances are rarely used in pure form for creation of art. However when the artist finds the courage to experiment some spectacular results can be achieved. I have recently had the opportunity to visit a piece of stunning art where the artist has decided to transform a small flat with copper sulphate crystals. The [...]

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