Occupational Exposure Monitoring for Hazardous Fumes

dust assessment in workplace

As part of our duty to guarantee the air quality of premises around the UK, recently we were called to carry out an assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances in accordance with the HSE document “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health” 2002. The overall objectives of our assessment were to measure the atmospheric concentration [...]

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Diesel exhaust fumes occupational exposure evaluation of traffic enforcement officers

diesel fumes monitoring

In one of our latest project we have been appointed by HMRC to evaluate occupational exposure of traffic officers to various contaminants associated with fuel testing and vehicle diesel exhaust fumes. The officers carry out routine check of diesel fuels throughout the United Kingdom. In the course of their duties the officers can get exposed [...]

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Fume testing in a lift shaft, occupational exposure assessment

fumes testing in lift

Employees working in the confined environment can often be at higher risk from exposure to hazardous substances than others. The confined environment has a limited means of ventilation and hazardous substance can accumulated rather quickly. We have carried of fume testing of lift shaft engineers in a high-riser building in central London. Our task was to [...]

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Crystalline silica dust monitoring in a quarry

respirable crystaline silica

Stone excavation and quarrying is an inherently dangerous operation. In addition to the most obvious hazards associated with this work the less obvious but equally important is exposure to silica dust. Many operation performed on quarry site from drilling, excavating, crushing, screening and grinding can produce significant levels of respirable silica dust. Further, bulk material [...]

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Indoor air quality plan for student accommodation block

indoor air quality plan

I have recently prepared in indoor air quality plan for a newly constructed student accommodation block for a large university. The student accommodation building consisted of almost 80 studios and over 60 bedroom spread over 5 floors. The accommodation block was located in vicinity of the university but not on the main university campus. There [...]

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Exposure to plastic fumes in injection moulding

I have been invited to carry out an occupation exposure assessment in a large manufacturing building. My customer was carrying out a variety of processes some of which represented a significant exposure and health risk to his employees. In this project I have assess the operatives exposure to oil mist from metal working operation, microbiological [...]

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Wood dust exposure in wood recycling facility

wood dust exposure

I have visited and wood recycling facility in order to evaluate employees’ exposure levels to wood dust. The facility was mostly processing mostly packaging wood products into shredded wood mixes of various qualities for the wood board manufacturing industry, agricultural industry or for use as a bio-fuel. The site processed up to 6 thousand pallets [...]

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Building lead survey

predemolision lead survey

I have been appointed to carry out a pre demolition building surveys on an old administrative building in order to identify Lead contain materials on site. The building I have visited was situated in close to city centre and was destined for partial demolition and complete refurbishment. The property was a four storey building consisting [...]

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Wood dust exposure monitoring in a joinery workshop

wood dust testing

I have been appointed to evaluate wood dust exposure in a small carpentry workshop. The carpentry and joinery specialised in production of custom made articles of furniture. Consisted of one single storey workshop building and a separate spray booth and sanding area. The wood working area was divided into a workshop housing a saws, an [...]

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Welding fumes exposure during heavy duty vehicle manufacture

welding fumes monitoring

I have recently visited one of my clients fabricating a range of well-known industrial heavy duty transport vehicles. I have been asked to evaluate employees’ exposure to various occupational contaminants ranging from simple nuisance dust, volatiles to toxic and carcinogenic welding fumes. The production facility consisted of two large open plan fabrication buildings. The main [...]

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