Microbiological Investigation in Rickmansworth

Microbiological investigation

Microbiological investigation A client contacted us with concerns regarding fungal contamination and asked us to carry out a microbiological investigation. Our main objectives of this investigation were to evaluate the levels of fungal elements in the indoor air and to evaluate the risk to the health of the property occupants.  The property we attended was [...]

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Microbiological investigation in Rushton

Microbiological sampling in Rushton

Microbiological Sampling A two-storey farmhouse with an outdoor garage was our next project. The farmhouse was situated in a rural area of Rushton with similar residential properties in close proximity. The property sat on a sloping ground with neighbouring properties situated at higher ground in relation to the farmhouse. The property was separated from the [...]

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Mould and mould spores in a building in Northwich

mould in cupboard

In our latest project, we have been commissioned to assess the indoor air quality of a work premises and to assess the dangers of fungal spores in the building. Many types of fungal spores can be hazardous to the health, so it was particularly important to assess the impact that the mould was having on [...]

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Microbiological verification – sewage cleaning

Sewage contamination in pub

We have been appointed to carry out a microbiological verification for the presence of sewage related pathogen. Recent heavy rainfall in a small town Hempel Hempstead have caused one of the local pubs to be flooded by sewage water. The rain water surged through the waste system and burst in through the drain inside of the [...]

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Bacterial sampling on a production line

A cosmetic product manufacturer located in the north of the country was experiencing problems with bacterial contamination in the one of his product lines. The technical team has suspected that one of the product filling lines is not operating appropriately and may be the source of bacterial in the product. It has been decided that [...]

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