Workplace noise exposure assessment at Tyco

workplace noise assessment

Recently we were asked to carry out an assessment of occupational exposure to noise at a manufacturing plant. It was our job to evaluate the daily personal exposure levels of employees to peak high intensity sound, and to identify sources of excessive noise and recommend suitable control measures. After completing our investigation we identified that [...]

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Workplace noise exposure survey in a laboratory

workplace noise exposure in laboratory

We have attended a dental a laboratory where the employees were being exposed to a relatively loud noise from various types of machinery. As usually performed during workplace noise exposure assessment we have talked to the laboratory manager who talked us through the daily routine and tasks perform in the laboratory by various people. Once [...]

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Noise exposure on a powder packaging line

Control of noise in induction environment is an important challenge for health and safety managers. Some situation are inherently noisy and very difficult to control especially if old equipment is used and installations are complex. I have evaluated employees’ exposure to noise in a powder packaging unit. The unit consisted of one open plan packaging [...]

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Hand and arm vibration differences between operatives

hand and arm vibration tool

Hand and arm vibration measurements in industrial environment can sometimes show some unexpected results. I have recently carried out measurement of hand and arm vibration on two operatives in a small production facility. The company involved specialises in the manufacture of intrinsically safe electrical equipment. The site consists of one open plan unit, welfare facilities [...]

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