Damp and mould survey in Wrexham

History of damp within the property

Wrexham was home to our next project, where we were asked to carry out a building inspection and damp survey. The property in question is currently being used as a dental practice and has a history of damp problems as far back as 7 years. This leak originated in the decontamination room and was remediated at the time, with a section of plasterboard panelling and units in surgery 2 being replaced. 

The dental practice is a modern two storey detached property with external brick walls and a pitched metal cladded roof. The practice is located on the ground floor and consists of; four dental surgeries, combined reception/waiting area, a practice manager’s office, four toilets, a decontamination room, an OPG room, staff kitchen, changing room, two store rooms and a records room. 

Damp and mpuld survey in Wrexham

Carrying out a damp survey

Our surveyor begun his assessment by means of a visual inspection, working his way around the property looking for visual evidence of damp, water damage and mould contamination. The next stage of the assessment involves moisture mapping, where our surveyor walks around the property with equipment designed to locate moisture within building materials and furnishings. The equipment we used was a Hydromette HB30 moisture meter and a Tramex Moisture encounter plus. 

The assessment revealed evidence of fungal contamination to the bottom parts of a partition wall which separates the decontamination room and surgery 2. It is in our surveyor’s opinion that the root cause of this fungal contamination was the leak from drain pipes 7 years prior to our assessment. Although the leak itself had been remediated, the fungal contamination remained. The plaster on the wall had normal moistures levels and there was no evidence of an ongoing water leak or damp in the materials. We believed the extent of the contamination in this area was approximately 2m2. Our surveyor did not find any further evidence of elevated moisture in materials, water damage or fungal contamination in any other room in the property. 

Damp and mould survey in Wrexham

Mould decontamination

Due to there only being one area of concern, our surveyor only had one recommendation for our client. He strongly recommended that the existing fungal contamination to the bottom of the partition wall was removed. This should be done with an anti-fungal treatment in order to prevent the reoccurrence of fungal contamination. The wall can then be redecorated if necessary. 




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