Indoor Air Quality – Mobile Home

New Mobile Home

Last year I was invited to investigate an indoor air quality complain from a proud owner of a new mobile home in the Welsh countryside.  The owner has purchased this brand new mobile home from a respectable manufacturer. After moving into the mobile home the owner and his family members have noticed a particularly pungent [...]

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Poor Indoor Air Quality – Offices

Building corner below ground level

Just before the start of winter I was invited by the management of large hospital in the north of the country to investigate a case of poor indoor air quality in a small office building. The office workers have been complaining from a poor indoor air quality for several months. They suffered from throat irritations [...]

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Microbial Volatiles – Bedroom odour

Sewage saturated insulation in cavity wall

In January I was invited once again to the north of the country to investigate long lasting and persistent indoor air quality and odour problem in newly build country house. The building was about two years old and very early after moving into the property one of the downstairs bedroom was suffering from persistent poor [...]

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Fine particle dust – respiratory and neurological irritation

Air management during decontamination efforts

I was contacted by a gentleman who was suffering from unknown and rather severe respiratory irritation whenever he spent some time in his home. His symptoms have appeared and then gradually worsen since he moved into his new home. The property itself was about 30 years old but has been newly refurbished and re-fitted with [...]

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Hidden mould and severe respiratory irritation


My recent investigation into indoor air quality problems has lead me to a very nice residential property. The family living in this rented property have been experiencing respiratory problems since they moved into the property some 6 months before. Particularly affected were two young children who were suffering with severe respiratory irritation to the point [...]

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Hospital mould removal


Our recent mould removal project took us to a large newly build hospital in the Midlands area. The hospital building project was very close to completion when one of the administrative buildings developed serious mould contamination problem. I was invited to investigate firstly the roof cause of the mound problem and secondly to suggest the [...]

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Mould remediation – insufficient drying

Severe secondary mould contamination of ceiling rafters

In January last year I’ve been called to assess mould damage to a two storey detached property. The plumbing system in the dated house has suffered and failure which resulted into flooding of the whole house. This incident has happen over Christmas period and the occupier of the house was not present in the property [...]

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Hidden mould in ceiling cavity

Water damage to ceiling with flat roof

My recent investigation into indoor air quality problem took me to a nice Victorian London property. The family living in this rented accommodation has been suffering from respiratory irritation since they moved into the property about four weeks prior my visit. Main concern was regarding their  daughter’s health who was suffering with severe coughs, eye [...]

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