Damp building investigation in Bristol

damp building investigation in Bristol

Not too long ago we were called to investigate the indoor air quality and overall safety of a building in Bristol. Prior to our arrival, the property had a history of persistent damp problems on the ground floor. The owners have been lining indoor areas with plastic sheeting in order to mask the deterioration of [...]

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Birmingham Cattshill – building damp and mould investigation

mould and damp in Birmingham

We were called to evaluate the extent of the water damage to a residential property, to identify the root causes of damp and to recommend the most suitable remediation measure. We needed to make sure that the dampness wasn’t damaging the indoor air quality. In order to identify what the source of the dampness was, [...]

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Breeam formaldehyde and VOC indoor air quality testing in Cambridge

breeam formaldehyde and voc test cambridge

Recently Sysco Environmental Limited was requested to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a three-storey office building in Cambridge. The indoor air quality was assessed according to the BREEAM assessment scheme, which has well defined limits to levels of contamination. It was our job to measure the concentration of formaldehyde in the [...]

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Mould and pigeon faeces contamination of building in Tonbridge

pigeon faeces contamination

Recently we were called to take a look at a building in Tonbridge that had been having some issues with damp. After evaluating the building and the indoor air quality, we identified that the indoor air quality in on office and the waiting room had been significantly affected by elevated numbers of allergenic fungal spores. [...]

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Leaking services causing damp in building

leaking services causing mould in building

In response to a number of reports of dampness, we were called to investigate the indoor air quality of a building in Shepton Mallet. The main damp problems in the property were rooted in the ground floor, which had been affected, by persistent damp and odour problems prior to our arrival. Staff working in the [...]

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Mould Surveys of a building in South Brent

south brent mould survey

Recently we were called to assess the indoor air quality of a dentistry in South Brent. The dentistry was located in a two-storey building with a history of dampness. After conducting our investigation on the general state of the building, we identified that there was a considerable damp problem. Surgery 1, had the poorest indoor [...]

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Mould survey of a former residential building

mould in the extension to building

This week, we were called to check the indoor air quality of a two storey-semi detached town property in Langold. Years ago the building was converted from a residential building to a commercial property. Unfortunately for the owners, the property has a history of persistent damp problems, particularly within the back extension to the building. [...]

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Mould Investigation in Stockport

Mould investigation in Stockport

Recently, we were called to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a small dental laboratory in Stockport. We were informed that the laboratory was having a number of problems with damp, which would need to be monitored in order to help prevent mould growth in future. After assessing the general state of [...]

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Indoor Air Quality Investigation in Sheffield

mould investigation in Sheffield

In this week’s project, we were called to assess the indoor air quality of a small business in a modern two-story townhouse. There were reports of damp and fungal growths, which left ample opportunity for mould growth and spores. It was important to conduct a mould inspection so that we could make sure that the [...]

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Mould Survey & Damp Investigation in Norwich

Mould and damp in Norwich

On this occasion, we have carried out a mould survey at our client’s premises in the town centre of Norwich. Our client has a two storey commercial surgery consisting of four dental surgeries, store rooms, offices and an open place reception area. The building is situated in the heart of the town centre and is [...]

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