Welding fumes exposure assesment

Close up on welding bay and welding fumes

I have recently visited a company which specialises in production of catalytic converters. The company had a fairly large production area with approximately 60 employees. The majority of the employees were engaged in welding operations with a small number working on CNC machines. All of the welding operatives were engaged in similar type of work [...]

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Exposure to electroplating mists

One of my customers has requested a thorough assessment of his employees’ exposure to chemical compounds used in electroplating. My customer was particularly worried that his employees might be exposed to toxic and carcinogenic substances. Because exposures to toxic metals in the electroplating industry occurs via a combination of inhalation, dermal and ingestion routes I [...]

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Metal working fluids & soldering exposure assessment

A company specialising in production of magnetic components for car and aerospace industry has asked me to evaluate their employees’ exposures to various industrial contaminants such as oil mist some specialised acids and toxic volatiles. In addition to these relatively common contaminates I have also asses the microbiological contamination of metal working fluids. The company [...]

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Wood dust monitoring in furniture workshop

I have recently visited a small well established wood processing workshop whihc requested an occupational exposure assessments of their operatives to wood dust. The company specialised in cutting of wooden decorative components for the furniture industry. Their main products were kitchen units and furniture doors. The production facility consisted on the ground floor from small [...]

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BREEAM VOC and Formaldehyde test in medical facility

I have been appointed to carry out an indoor air quality test in a newly constructed medical facility in South of England. The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate the levels of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde after the building has been constructed. The construction company has built the building in accordance with BREEAM [...]

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BREEAM Indoor air quality test in industrial unit

Newly purpose build industrial units were being constructed on the outskirts of London in close proximity to the Heathrow airport. The location of the unit in an industrial areas and close proximity of significant sources of pollution from major road network and air traffic had to be taken into consideration when conduction a BREEAM air [...]

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Black deposits on windows – fear of mould problem

Employees working in a London office were concern about appearance of strange black deposits on the windows and walls around the windows. This combined with the fact that part of the offices were affected by water leaks and damage to the decorative finishes has led to a suspicion that mould may be developing inside of [...]

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Air quality investigation in college IT room

college computer room air quality

Investigation of air quality problems is a difficult task requiring detailed knowledge about the affected environment, possible contaminants sources and most of all it requires an open mind to be able to spot potential problem areas. I have been asked to investigate possible indoor air quality problems in an Oxford college after one of the [...]

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House started causing health problems after 30 years

moth damage to wool carpet

I owner of the house I have recently inspected has live in her house for over 35 years. She has started to experience respiratory difficulties and inflammation for last 4 years. She has been recently diagnoses with Hypersensitivity pneumonitis. In her working life she was a house wife and was not exposed to significant amount [...]

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Water contamination from water storage tank

debris in utility water

Unusual contamination resembling biofilm or mould was causing concerns about health for the occupant of a stylish inner city apartment situated in larger period build building complex. The apartment is situated in the first floor and consists of kitchen/dining area, 3 bedrooms, 3 toilets and a central corridor. The apartment was situated in inner city [...]

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