Mould and wood rot in a converted chapel

Even minor leaks to pipe work in ignored can over time build up into a big problem. I have inspected and military gymnasium where a seemingly small water leak caused a major mould problem in the changing rooms. The affected building was period single storey building with brick external walls and pitched roof. The building [...]

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Mould contamination of neglected army flats

mould contamination in neglected flats

I have carried out a mould investigation in a series of neglected army flats which were due to refurbishment. Concerns have been raise by the redevelopment contractor that the levels of mould in the flats exceed to what is generally considered acceptable. The employees working on this project were concerned that their health might be [...]

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Air quality concerns following office fumigation

air quality problem after fumigation

I have been invited to carry out an extensive air quality investigation in a IT suite and a large office complex. The IT room was affected by large moth infestation. In order to resolve the infestation issue a contractor company has been appointed to carry out a fumigation of the room. The room has been [...]

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Air quality concerns after refurbishment

indoor air quality investigation

Newly refurbished buildings can sometimes suffer from air quality problems. The problems are mainly associated with off gassing from different pieces of furniture, carpets, decorative paints silicon and adhesive. These problems are most intense shortly after the installation but gradually subside. The speed at which this happens greatly depends of the rate of ventilation and [...]

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Mould contamination due to leaky bathtub

leaking bathtun caused mould

Minor service leak can sometime results in serious problems in particular if they are ignored or not fixed properly. I have recently visited an apartment where a minor water leak from a bath waste pipe resulted in a major mould contamination of the internal cavity walls. The apartment I have visited  was located on the [...]

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Mould contamination in rented property

mould due to leaky window

Every person is entitled to decent and healthy living conditions. This is particularly true in rented accommodation where the landlords have a duty to ensure that their properties are fit for purpose and do not represent a health risk to their occupants. I have recently inspected a London apartment where the landlord seriously neglected his [...]

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Air quality plan for a school building

air quality plan for school

An air quality plan is a very important document developed in the initial stages of the development being assessed in accordance with Breeam. The Indoor Air Quality Plan describes the steps that will be taken during the design, construction, commissioning and handover of the new development to ensure that the indoor air quality is acceptable. [...]

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Indoor air quality plan for sport training facility

Air quality plan for sport facility

Breeam guidance notes specify the individual requirement of an indoor air quality plan for specific types of developments. There are many specific points which need to be addressed in an air quality plan but in this article I will focus only on the requirement specifying the need for the dilution and control of contamination source. [...]

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Mould and water damage in a penthouse

Newly constructed properties suffer from leaks and mould problem probably as frequently as old buildings. The difference is that in the old buildings the water damage and mould often develops after a failure of particular components due to age or lack of maintenance in the new building the water damage is usually caused by inadequate [...]

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Breeam indoor air quality test in school

As public awareness about the importance of indoor air quality grows the construction industry had to adapt to satisfy customers that their buildings are safe and healthy to live in. There has been a number of schemes developed for the construction industry which ensure that the newly constructed building do not represent a long term [...]

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