Mould contamination due to leaky bathtub

leaking bathtun caused mould

Minor service leak can sometime results in serious problems in particular if they are ignored or not fixed properly. I have recently visited an apartment where a minor water leak from a bath waste pipe resulted in a major mould contamination of the internal cavity walls. The apartment I have visited  was located on the [...]

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Loft contamination by mould in newly constructed property

Newly constructed properties are sometimes far from being contaminants free. Sometimes lack of expertise in a particular area or a simple architectural error can lead to myriad of problems. I have been call to inspect a newly constructed property in the Manchester area which was affected by a significant mould problem in the roof space. [...]

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Aspergillus fungal infection due to past time activities

People can sometimes experience deterioration of their health in their homes for no apparent reason. I have recently visited a property where an elderly gentleman started to suffer from shortness of breath, tiredness, lethargy and general exhaustion. It is only natural to us that we immediately try to identify the cause of such problems and [...]

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