Microbiological verification – sewage cleaning

Sewage contamination in pub

We have been appointed to carry out a microbiological verification for the presence of sewage related pathogen. Recent heavy rainfall in a small town Hempel Hempstead have caused one of the local pubs to be flooded by sewage water. The rain water surged through the waste system and burst in through the drain inside of the [...]

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Bacterial sampling on a production line

food production- ilustrative

A cosmetic product manufacturer located in the north of the country was experiencing problems with bacterial contamination in the one of his product lines. The technical team has suspected that one of the product filling lines is not operating appropriately and may be the source of bacterial in the product. It has been decided that [...]

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Bacteria and mould contamination of working environment following a deep clean.

factory ilustrative photo

Following my previous assessment of bacteria and mould contamination in the workplace of this major manufacturer I have been asked to return to the factory and carry out a second evaluation following a major deep clean of the working areas. The employers has decided to clean the working areas despite the fact that the proviso [...]

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Possible contamination of an industrial environment by high levels of moulds and bacteria


A major manufacturer has been receiving complains from his employees about incidents of frequent, often respiratory, illnesses in the workplace. The employees were concerned that maybe a high level of pathogenic bacteria and moulds on the work surfaces may be responsible for their illnesses. I have been appointed to evaluate the atmospheric concentration of viable [...]

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Property damage due to inadequate construction and leaking services

enclosed toilet cistern

I have been called in to evaluate the extent of water damaged to the newly building designer property in the London area. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the extent of the water damage to the property, identify whether the property is contaminated by black water (sewage water), evaluate the levels of mould [...]

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Un/resolved case

blog pick

Indoor air quality investigation may not always produce the expected results and sometimes the results of such investigation are often inconclusive. This is particularly true in the air contamination is only one of the suspected causes of a particular problem or the airborne contaminants are present only sporadically, for short periods of time or sometimes [...]

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Microbial Volatiles – Bedroom odour

Sewage saturated insulation in cavity wall

In January I was invited once again to the north of the country to investigate long lasting and persistent indoor air quality and odour problem in newly build country house. The building was about two years old and very early after moving into the property one of the downstairs bedroom was suffering from persistent poor [...]

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