Indoor air quality (Breeam) on Regent Street, London

Breeam, voc, formaldehyde

Indoor air quality testing (Breeam) is fast becoming a standard for new development to achieve best possible living environment for the future occupants. Customers’ demands on quality of the living environment and air quality in dwelling are very high. Air quality is especially important in the inner-city areas where the contaminants accumulates and are difficult [...]

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VOC test for a failed BREEAM development

voc testing for breeam development

Indoor air quality testing is one of the requirement in obtaining credits for Breeam projects. Breeam put an emphasis on the well being of future occupant and the developers must follow strict guidelines to unsure high quality of the indoor environment. One of the parameters that is closely monitored is indoor air quality which is ensured [...]

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BREEAM VOC and Formaldehyde test in medical facility

I have been appointed to carry out an indoor air quality test in a newly constructed medical facility in South of England. The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate the levels of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde after the building has been constructed. The construction company has built the building in accordance with BREEAM [...]

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BREEAM Indoor air quality test in industrial unit

Newly purpose build industrial units were being constructed on the outskirts of London in close proximity to the Heathrow airport. The location of the unit in an industrial areas and close proximity of significant sources of pollution from major road network and air traffic had to be taken into consideration when conduction a BREEAM air [...]

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Air quality plan for a school building

air quality plan for school

An air quality plan is a very important document developed in the initial stages of the development being assessed in accordance with Breeam. The Indoor Air Quality Plan describes the steps that will be taken during the design, construction, commissioning and handover of the new development to ensure that the indoor air quality is acceptable. [...]

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Indoor air quality plan for sport training facility

Air quality plan for sport facility

Breeam guidance notes specify the individual requirement of an indoor air quality plan for specific types of developments. There are many specific points which need to be addressed in an air quality plan but in this article I will focus only on the requirement specifying the need for the dilution and control of contamination source. [...]

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Breeam indoor air quality test in school

As public awareness about the importance of indoor air quality grows the construction industry had to adapt to satisfy customers that their buildings are safe and healthy to live in. There has been a number of schemes developed for the construction industry which ensure that the newly constructed building do not represent a long term [...]

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Indoor air quality plan for new industrial units

New developments constructed in accordance with the Breeam scheme require a creation of a robust air quality plan referred to as IAQ plan. The purpose of the air quality plan is to limit the amounts of air contaminants on site during the construction phase and post construction or the benefits of the future occupants. Briefly [...]

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