Moulds in wind turbines and risk to employees

wind farm

Wind turbines are one of those odd and unusual places where you would not anticipate a mould problem. Their  construction is of almost pure metal with synthetic coating and minimum of absorptive surfaces. In recent years  employees working on wind turbines farms have started to encounter quite significant mould contamination problems. Typically internal surfaces of the [...]

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Penetrating Damp – Mould Removal

Water penetration point

Failures in building envelope often result in water penetration through the building construction. Water penetration into the indoor areas may not be always directly visible but can manifest itself through development of mould. In my recent investigation I have encounter such a case.  Cracking of the external render has resulted in water penetration through the [...]

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Hospital mould removal


Our recent mould removal project took us to a large newly build hospital in the Midlands area. The hospital building project was very close to completion when one of the administrative buildings developed serious mould contamination problem. I was invited to investigate firstly the roof cause of the mound problem and secondly to suggest the [...]

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Mould remediation – insufficient drying

Severe secondary mould contamination of ceiling rafters

In January last year I’ve been called to assess mould damage to a two storey detached property. The plumbing system in the dated house has suffered and failure which resulted into flooding of the whole house. This incident has happen over Christmas period and the occupier of the house was not present in the property [...]

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