Bacteria and mould contamination of working environment following a deep clean.

factory ilustrative photo

Following my previous assessment of bacteria and mould contamination in the workplace of this major manufacturer I have been asked to return to the factory and carry out a second evaluation following a major deep clean of the working areas. The employers has decided to clean the working areas despite the fact that the proviso [...]

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Deep clean of soft furnishing – Clean verification

Post clean - 97% reduction in mould sporesa nd other particulates was acheived

Evaluate cleanliness of a particular area or an item can be sometimes very difficult and daunting task. More so, if the items to be evaluated are complex and constructed from porous materials. There are virtually no guidelines on what is considered to be clean and what not, with the rare exception of industrial clean rooms, [...]

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Mould clean verification after service leak

Dust on top of items

Under some unfortunate circumstances properties can suffer from a catastrophic failure of building services which can results in destruction of finishes and contents as well. I have recently completed a project where such catastrophic failure occurred. Relatively minor leak of a bathroom pipe has resulted in flooding of wall cavities with water. The significanly elevated [...]

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Feacal Bacteria in Soft Play Area

Not so good Deep Clean

Last week a small but serious accident happened at one of the major furniture store outlets. A failure of the customer’s toilet has resulted into flooding of children soft play area with sewage water. The store has reacted promptly and closed and stripped the whole area to structural brickwork. The whole area has been cleaned [...]

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