Poor air qaulity in the office environment


Office environments are places which often suffer from indoor air quality problems. The reasons for poor  air quality can range from insufficient fresh air supply, poor air filtration, off gassing from furniture and fittings, contaminants introduced by maintenance or cleaning personnel,  building services failures, contaminants introduced by occupants them self, computers, photocopiers and  many others. [...]

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Dust and indoor air quality

2 week accumulation of dust on the window sill

Generally the levels of dust are not a problem in the indoor environment unless a close source is present in close vicinity. In this case I have been invited to investigate the indoor air quality in an office building located in an industrial part of the city. The indoor air quality in the building was not bad as [...]

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Fine particle dust – respiratory and neurological irritation

Air management during decontamination efforts

I was contacted by a gentleman who was suffering from unknown and rather severe respiratory irritation whenever he spent some time in his home. His symptoms have appeared and then gradually worsen since he moved into his new home. The property itself was about 30 years old but has been newly refurbished and re-fitted with [...]

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