Exposure to Hazardous Substances within the Workplace

Exposure to hazardous substances within the workplace

What hazardous substances are employees exposed to? For our most recent project we were invited to a converted farm building in Hilton. Our client’s company specialises in the production of custom made articles of furniture, so employees are expected to be exposed to wood dust and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). It is our job to [...]

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Occupational exposure to noise in Whitley Bay

occupational exposure to noise

Control of noise in the workplace Our acoustic technicians carry out full monitoring and assessment of employee noise exposures, in accordance with the current Noise at Work Regulations. Individual tasks/jobs are assessed for risk of hearing damage and specific advice is then provided on any actions that may be required. Today we travelled to Whitley [...]

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Indoor air quality assessment in regards to Formaldehyde

assessing indoor air quality in regards to formaldehyde

What is Formaldehyde and where is it found? Formaldehyde has many medical and industrial applications. The ubiquitous low-molecular weight substance is volatile and can be found indoors as well as outdoors. It is found extensively in textiles as well as in building products used in commercial and residential buildings. Millions of us are unknowingly exposed [...]

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Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances

Are employees exposed to hazardous substances? When working in factories employees are exposed to a number of hazardous substances which are produced as a result of producing items made from materials such as metals and plastics. It is the employers role to ensure that the levels of hazardous substances which their employees are exposed to [...]

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Lead Investigation in Holland Park

Conducting a lead survey

History of Lead in property Our next project was a 5-storey residential building built in mid 1800’s. with clay brick walls and a pitched roof. We were instructed to carry out a lead survey to the whole of the building and the roof.  The purpose of the Lead (Pb) survey was to locate and identify [...]

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