Breeam indoor air quality test

breeam assessment in a new development

In this article, we look at a recent visit to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality to check for BREEAM compliancy. The overall objectives of the assessment were to measure the concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor environment, measure the concentration of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the indoor environment and evaluate [...]

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Air quality surveys in a residential home in London

Mould to ceiling

In this episode, we look at a case where we were called to carry out a property inspection and microbiological sampling. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the levels of fungal elements in the indoor air and evaluate the risk to health of the property occupants. The property itself was a two-storey detached [...]

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Chard Indoor Air Quality and damp investigation

mould and damp investigation in card, mould surveys , damp survey

Recently, we were called to investigate the indoor air quality of a dentistry that had been suffering from damp in Chard. After evaluating the general state of the building, the extent of contamination and conducting microbiological analysis we identified that the indoor air quality in the dental practice was safe. The building had two main [...]

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Breeam formaldehyde and VOC indoor air quality testing in Cambridge

breeam formaldehyde and voc test cambridge

Recently Sysco Environmental Limited was requested to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a three-storey office building in Cambridge. The indoor air quality was assessed according to the BREEAM assessment scheme, which has well defined limits to levels of contamination. It was our job to measure the concentration of formaldehyde in the [...]

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Mould survey of a former residential building

mould in the extension to building

This week, we were called to check the indoor air quality of a two storey-semi detached town property in Langold. Years ago the building was converted from a residential building to a commercial property. Unfortunately for the owners, the property has a history of persistent damp problems, particularly within the back extension to the building. [...]

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Mould Investigation in Stockport

Mould investigation in Stockport

Recently, we were called to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a small dental laboratory in Stockport. We were informed that the laboratory was having a number of problems with damp, which would need to be monitored in order to help prevent mould growth in future. After assessing the general state of [...]

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Indoor Air Quality Investigation in Sheffield

mould investigation in Sheffield

In this week’s project, we were called to assess the indoor air quality of a small business in a modern two-story townhouse. There were reports of damp and fungal growths, which left ample opportunity for mould growth and spores. It was important to conduct a mould inspection so that we could make sure that the [...]

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Mould and mould spores in a building in Northwich

mould in cupboard

In our latest project, we have been commissioned to assess the indoor air quality of a work premises and to assess the dangers of fungal spores in the building. Many types of fungal spores can be hazardous to the health, so it was particularly important to assess the impact that the mould was having on [...]

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Indoor air quality (Breeam) on Regent Street, London

Breeam, voc, formaldehyde

Indoor air quality testing (Breeam) is fast becoming a standard for new development to achieve best possible living environment for the future occupants. Customers’ demands on quality of the living environment and air quality in dwelling are very high. Air quality is especially important in the inner-city areas where the contaminants accumulates and are difficult [...]

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VOC test for a failed BREEAM development

voc testing for breeam development

Indoor air quality testing is one of the requirement in obtaining credits for Breeam projects. Breeam put an emphasis on the well being of future occupant and the developers must follow strict guidelines to unsure high quality of the indoor environment. One of the parameters that is closely monitored is indoor air quality which is ensured [...]

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