A Damp and Mould investigation

Damp and mould investigation

Damp History For our most recent project we attended a dental practice and were instructed to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality in relation to selected biological contaminants. The dental practice is situated in Moffat town centre and is closely surrounded by similar buildings. The property, a two-storey period building with painted stone [...]

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Indoor Air Quality assessment in Skegness

Indoor air quality assessment in skegness

Indoor air quality assessment We were invited to a dental practice in order to carry out an indoor air quality assessment. The building is situated in the residential area of Skegness and is surrounded by properties of similar use and construction. The property is situated on level ground with mature vegetation in close proximity. The [...]

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Mould investigation in a residential property

Mould Investigation in residential property

History of mould in property For our next project we were invited to a residential property to undertake an assessment of indoor air quality in relation to selected biological contaminants. The building itself is a two-storey residential property with external brick walls and a pitched tiled roof. The ground floor consists of a living room, [...]

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Damp investigation in Wakefield

Damp investigation in dental practice

Damp history within the property  Wakefield, a small town in West Yorkshire was our next stop. The building of interest was a dental practice in which we were requested to carry out a building inspection and damp survey. The practice is a three-storey terraced town building with brick external walls and a pitched tiled roof. [...]

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Conducting a Damp Investigation in Willington

Damp survey in a dental practice

History of Damp in dental practice  Our next project, a two storey terraced property is a former residential building which had been converted and extended into a dental practice. The first floor of the dental surgery consists of 1 dental surgery, a combined reception and waiting area, a customers’ toilet, two storage rooms and an [...]

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An investigation into damp found in a Dental Practice

An investigation into damp found in a Dental practice

Buildings history of damp Our next project was a dental practice situated in Kings Lynn. We visited the property in order to carry out an indoor air quality assessment. The dental practice is an end-terrace two storey town building situated in King’s Lynn town centre. The ground floor of the dental practice consists of four [...]

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Property damage due to inadequate construction and leaking services

I have been called in to evaluate the extent of water damaged to the newly building designer property in the London area. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the extent of the water damage to the property, identify whether the property is contaminated by black water (sewage water), evaluate the levels of mould [...]

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Basement (crawlspace ) air causing indoor air quality problems

Air quality investigation is a complex task an only rarely the investigator come across immediately obvious answer to a problem. Typical investigation will usually involve sampling for most likely contaminants in the hope that some will be present at the concentration likely to cause the experienced adverse health symptoms. Preparation and consultation with the client [...]

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Crawlspace a hidden source of indoor air contaminants

Crawlspace in a typical residential building is a relatively low or narrow space below the lower story of a building. It differs from a basement by its shallow depth which does not allow for a person to stand up. Crawl space is usually not accessible (not regularly) and is not meant for storage of materials. [...]

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