Mould survey and damp investigation in Keighley town centre

Mould surveys in Bradford

We were off to Keighley, Bradford for another mould survey.  A two-storey, end terrace town building with traditional stone external walls was suffering from damp and mould contamination is several areas. The building was made up of several clean rooms, equipment storage rooms, a small but welcoming reception, toilets, and a staff room. The building [...]

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Water condensation on concrete ceiling causing mould contamiantion

Mould to ceiling

Our journey took us to Wiltshire on this mould investigation. We inspected a three-storey town building which had been converted into a dental practice for damp, mould contamination and air contamination. This building has a long-term history of humidity and mould problems on the ceilings throughout the property. Although none of the staff working in [...]

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Mould contamination of neglected army flats

mould contamination in neglected flats

I have carried out a mould investigation in a series of neglected army flats which were due to refurbishment. Concerns have been raise by the redevelopment contractor that the levels of mould in the flats exceed to what is generally considered acceptable. The employees working on this project were concerned that their health might be [...]

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Mould contamination in rented property

mould due to leaky window

Every person is entitled to decent and healthy living conditions. This is particularly true in rented accommodation where the landlords have a duty to ensure that their properties are fit for purpose and do not represent a health risk to their occupants. I have recently inspected a London apartment where the landlord seriously neglected his [...]

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Mould and water damage in a penthouse

Newly constructed properties suffer from leaks and mould problem probably as frequently as old buildings. The difference is that in the old buildings the water damage and mould often develops after a failure of particular components due to age or lack of maintenance in the new building the water damage is usually caused by inadequate [...]

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Bacteria and mould contamination of working environment following a deep clean.

Following my previous assessment of bacteria and mould contamination in the workplace of this major manufacturer I have been asked to return to the factory and carry out a second evaluation following a major deep clean of the working areas. The employers has decided to clean the working areas despite the fact that the proviso [...]

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Property repeatedly flooded by sewage water causing odours and mould

I have visited a four storey terraced house in the inner London city area which has been subjected to several water leaks some of which were caused by black water. The family living in this house has moved in only couple of months ago and has already endured three significant leaks which have flooded parts [...]

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Mould growth on walls and bedding after radiator leak

This inner city London apartment has suffered from two unfortunate incidents of leaking radiator pipes. The apartment is relatively small and consists of one bedroom, a study room, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The property was situated in a larger residential complex and is used only occasionally as a holiday home. I [...]

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Black water (Sewage) contamination after toilet overflow

Inner city London apartment has suffered from a black water (sewage water) overflow from a faulty toilet. At the time of the incident the properly owners were unfortunately on holiday and discovered the leak only after several week. By this time quite a substantial mould growth has developed on the affected flooring and plasterboard partition [...]

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Stachybotrys contamination of an inner city townhouse

I have  recently been appointed to carry out an investigation of a possible mould contamination in a stylish inner city townhouse. The property occupants have been suffering from bad musty odours for several months and have started to experience some odverse health symptoms. The facility management company in charge of the property has failed to [...]

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