Water condensation on concrete ceiling causing mould contamiantion

Mould to ceiling

Our journey took us to Wiltshire on this mould investigation. We inspected a three-storey town building which had been converted into a dental practice for damp, mould contamination and air contamination. This building has a long-term history of humidity and mould problems on the ceilings throughout the property. Although none of the staff working in [...]

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Mould contamination of a newly constructed apartment block

mould testing

It is a fact that just because an apartment or a house is newly build the owners do not have to deal with issues. In fact, an aged property with no history of dampness or leaks has probably less indoor air quality issues than a brand new building. I have visited a relatively newly constructed [...]

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House started causing health problems after 30 years

moth damage to wool carpet

I owner of the house I have recently inspected has live in her house for over 35 years. She has started to experience respiratory difficulties and inflammation for last 4 years. She has been recently diagnoses with Hypersensitivity pneumonitis. In her working life she was a house wife and was not exposed to significant amount [...]

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Mould and water damage in a penthouse

Newly constructed properties suffer from leaks and mould problem probably as frequently as old buildings. The difference is that in the old buildings the water damage and mould often develops after a failure of particular components due to age or lack of maintenance in the new building the water damage is usually caused by inadequate [...]

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Rising damp and dry rot in a converted property

I have recently inspected and interesting residential property in the heart of French countryside. The house was a two storeys building with render stone walls and pitched tiled roof. It consisted of a kitchen and a dining room area and the new extension sitting room and an electric cupboard. The new extension was a conversion [...]

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Second opinion mould inspection

Tenant – landlord relationships can sometimes escalate into serious disagreements ending up in the layers office. This week I have completed a project where moulds and mould contamination has been blamed for deterioration of tenants’ health thus warranting braking of the tenancy agreement. The tenants in this case obviously concerned with mould have appointed a [...]

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Mould inspection reporting – what it should contain

The purpose of a typical mould inspection is to identify mould related health hazards in the property, identify the root causes of mould contamination and to evaluate whether indoor air quality is satisfactory. Adequate mould inspection consists of several parts which are closely connected and without which the inspection would not be complete. Each mould [...]

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