Mould contamination of neglected army flats

mould contamination in neglected flats

I have carried out a mould investigation in a series of neglected army flats which were due to refurbishment. Concerns have been raise by the redevelopment contractor that the levels of mould in the flats exceed to what is generally considered acceptable. The employees working on this project were concerned that their health might be [...]

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Mould and water damage in a penthouse


Newly constructed properties suffer from leaks and mould problem probably as frequently as old buildings. The difference is that in the old buildings the water damage and mould often develops after a failure of particular components due to age or lack of maintenance in the new building the water damage is usually caused by inadequate [...]

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Rising damp and dry rot in a converted property


I have recently inspected and interesting residential property in the heart of French countryside. The house was a two storeys building with render stone walls and pitched tiled roof. It consisted of a kitchen and a dining room area and the new extension sitting room and an electric cupboard. The new extension was a conversion [...]

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Mould remediation guidelines – Part 1- New York City Guidelines


Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation  of  Fungi in Indoor Environments New York City Department of  Health and Mental Hygiene (November 2008) Open original document .... NEW YORK city has developed formal mould remediation guidelines in 1993 and since then these guidelines have been subjected to several revisions namely in 2000 and in 2008. The principal [...]

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Failed mould removal project

The amount of dust and debris on floor after deep clean

I have been appointed to carry out post project verification after a mould removal in a large property. A contractor has been appointed to thoroughly clean and decontaminate all internal areas of this property. The overall objectives were to reduce fungal spore level in the internal areas to normal conditions and remove any dust debris [...]

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Mould removal principles

Mould remediation (removal) can be a complex task involving cooperation of refurbishment contractors, decontamination contractors, client, loss adjusters and indoor air quality consultants. Because each remediation project is different variety of remediation methods may be used during one project. No one method is suitable for all situations which is particularly true for large and complex [...]

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Mould clean verification after service leak

Dust on top of items

Under some unfortunate circumstances properties can suffer from a catastrophic failure of building services which can results in destruction of finishes and contents as well. I have recently completed a project where such catastrophic failure occurred. Relatively minor leak of a bathroom pipe has resulted in flooding of wall cavities with water. The significanly elevated [...]

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Hospital mould removal


Our recent mould removal project took us to a large newly build hospital in the Midlands area. The hospital building project was very close to completion when one of the administrative buildings developed serious mould contamination problem. I was invited to investigate firstly the roof cause of the mound problem and secondly to suggest the [...]

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Mould remediation – insufficient drying

Severe secondary mould contamination of ceiling rafters

In January last year I’ve been called to assess mould damage to a two storey detached property. The plumbing system in the dated house has suffered and failure which resulted into flooding of the whole house. This incident has happen over Christmas period and the occupier of the house was not present in the property [...]

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