Water condensation on concrete ceiling causing mould contamiantion

Mould to ceiling

Our journey took us to Wiltshire on this mould investigation. We inspected a three-storey town building which had been converted into a dental practice for damp, mould contamination and air contamination. This building has a long-term history of humidity and mould problems on the ceilings throughout the property. Although none of the staff working in [...]

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Mould contamination of an apartment for adjacent property

mould contamination in bathroom

Occupiers of an apartment in an inner city London were concerned about mould contamination in their home from an adjacent property. The neighbouring property was affected by water leak from the bathroom and construction fault on the balcony which resulted in significant water damage and mould contamination. The adjacent property was stripped to shell and [...]

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Air quality investigation in college IT room

college computer room air quality

Investigation of air quality problems is a difficult task requiring detailed knowledge about the affected environment, possible contaminants sources and most of all it requires an open mind to be able to spot potential problem areas. I have been asked to investigate possible indoor air quality problems in an Oxford college after one of the [...]

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Mould and wood rot in a converted chapel

mould in chapel

Even minor leaks to pipe work in ignored can over time build up into a big problem. I have inspected and military gymnasium where a seemingly small water leak caused a major mould problem in the changing rooms. The affected building was period single storey building with brick external walls and pitched roof. The building [...]

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Mould contamination of neglected army flats

mould contamination in neglected flats

I have carried out a mould investigation in a series of neglected army flats which were due to refurbishment. Concerns have been raise by the redevelopment contractor that the levels of mould in the flats exceed to what is generally considered acceptable. The employees working on this project were concerned that their health might be [...]

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Air quality concerns following office fumigation

air quality problem after fumigation

I have been invited to carry out an extensive air quality investigation in a IT suite and a large office complex. The IT room was affected by large moth infestation. In order to resolve the infestation issue a contractor company has been appointed to carry out a fumigation of the room. The room has been [...]

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Loft contamination by mould in newly constructed property


Newly constructed properties are sometimes far from being contaminants free. Sometimes lack of expertise in a particular area or a simple architectural error can lead to myriad of problems. I have been call to inspect a newly constructed property in the Manchester area which was affected by a significant mould problem in the roof space. [...]

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Mould growth on walls and bedding after radiator leak

leaking radiator pipe

This inner city London apartment has suffered from two unfortunate incidents of leaking radiator pipes. The apartment is relatively small and consists of one bedroom, a study room, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The property was situated in a larger residential complex and is used only occasionally as a holiday home. I [...]

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Deep clean of soft furnishing – Clean verification

Post clean - 97% reduction in mould sporesa nd other particulates was acheived

Evaluate cleanliness of a particular area or an item can be sometimes very difficult and daunting task. More so, if the items to be evaluated are complex and constructed from porous materials. There are virtually no guidelines on what is considered to be clean and what not, with the rare exception of industrial clean rooms, [...]

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Mould clean verification after service leak

Dust on top of items

Under some unfortunate circumstances properties can suffer from a catastrophic failure of building services which can results in destruction of finishes and contents as well. I have recently completed a project where such catastrophic failure occurred. Relatively minor leak of a bathroom pipe has resulted in flooding of wall cavities with water. The significanly elevated [...]

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