Mould survey and damp investigation in Keighley town centre

Mould surveys in Bradford

We were off to Keighley, Bradford for another mould survey.  A two-storey, end terrace town building with traditional stone external walls was suffering from damp and mould contamination is several areas. The building was made up of several clean rooms, equipment storage rooms, a small but welcoming reception, toilets, and a staff room. The building [...]

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Mould Inspection and damp survey in London Practice

Mould in basement

My latest damp / mould inspection in London was in a former residential property which has been converted into a dental practice. The building is about 60-70 years and was originally used as a ground floor shop with upstairs accommodation. The building has been modified and extended over the years which contributed to the current [...]

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Mould contamination of a newly constructed apartment block

mould testing

It is a fact that just because an apartment or a house is newly build the owners do not have to deal with issues. In fact, an aged property with no history of dampness or leaks has probably less indoor air quality issues than a brand new building. I have visited a relatively newly constructed [...]

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Black deposits on windows – fear of mould problem


Employees working in a London office were concern about appearance of strange black deposits on the windows and walls around the windows. This combined with the fact that part of the offices were affected by water leaks and damage to the decorative finishes has led to a suspicion that mould may be developing inside of [...]

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Mould and wood rot in a converted chapel

mould in chapel

Even minor leaks to pipe work in ignored can over time build up into a big problem. I have inspected and military gymnasium where a seemingly small water leak caused a major mould problem in the changing rooms. The affected building was period single storey building with brick external walls and pitched roof. The building [...]

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Basement (crawlspace ) air causing indoor air quality problems


Air quality investigation is a complex task an only rarely the investigator come across immediately obvious answer to a problem. Typical investigation will usually involve sampling for most likely contaminants in the hope that some will be present at the concentration likely to cause the experienced adverse health symptoms. Preparation and consultation with the client [...]

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Moulds in wind turbines and risk to employees

wind farm

Wind turbines are one of those odd and unusual places where you would not anticipate a mould problem. Their  construction is of almost pure metal with synthetic coating and minimum of absorptive surfaces. In recent years  employees working on wind turbines farms have started to encounter quite significant mould contamination problems. Typically internal surfaces of the [...]

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World Health Organisation -Dampness and Mould Guidlines

WHO- mould and dampness

World Health Organisation (WHO) has long recognised indoor air quality as an important health determinant. Most of us spend majority of time indoors whether it is in the workplace or at home and therefore the quality of the indoor air plays in important role in our health. It is estimated that we spend up to [...]

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Unusual problem – resolved

Candle smoke

A while back I was contacted by a very nice lady living on the south coast of the country. She was very concerned about what appeared to be black mould covering approximately one third of the bedroom ceiling and extended onto one of the bedroom walls. We had a lengthy discussion about what it could [...]

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Hospital mould removal


Our recent mould removal project took us to a large newly build hospital in the Midlands area. The hospital building project was very close to completion when one of the administrative buildings developed serious mould contamination problem. I was invited to investigate firstly the roof cause of the mound problem and secondly to suggest the [...]

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