Mould in basement

Mould damage to luxury shoe wear

Basements are particularly sensitive to mould contamination due to water penetration though the walls. Basements have not been designed to accommodate people but were usually used for storage of materials, fuels and the odd items. In recent years the number basements converted into flats or good storage areas have been steadily rising. Many challenges have [...]

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Penetrating Damp – Mould Removal

Water penetration point

Failures in building envelope often result in water penetration through the building construction. Water penetration into the indoor areas may not be always directly visible but can manifest itself through development of mould. In my recent investigation I have encounter such a case.  Cracking of the external render has resulted in water penetration through the [...]

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Poor Indoor Air Quality – Offices

Building corner below ground level

Just before the start of winter I was invited by the management of large hospital in the north of the country to investigate a case of poor indoor air quality in a small office building. The office workers have been complaining from a poor indoor air quality for several months. They suffered from throat irritations [...]

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