Bacteria and mould contamination of working environment following a deep clean.

factory ilustrative photo

Following my previous assessment of bacteria and mould contamination in the workplace of this major manufacturer I have been asked to return to the factory and carry out a second evaluation following a major deep clean of the working areas. The employers has decided to clean the working areas despite the fact that the proviso [...]

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Exposure to coppper sulphate at art exhibition


Chemicals substances are rarely used in pure form for creation of art. However when the artist finds the courage to experiment some spectacular results can be achieved. I have recently had the opportunity to visit a piece of stunning art where the artist has decided to transform a small flat with copper sulphate crystals. The [...]

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Fine particle dust – respiratory and neurological irritation

Air management during decontamination efforts

I was contacted by a gentleman who was suffering from unknown and rather severe respiratory irritation whenever he spent some time in his home. His symptoms have appeared and then gradually worsen since he moved into his new home. The property itself was about 30 years old but has been newly refurbished and re-fitted with [...]

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