Indoor Air Quality Assessment in London

Idoor air quality in London

Assessment of Indoor Air Quality Today we were invited to a nine-story building situated on a busy road in London. The building consists of three individual blocks , one block was used for accommodation and two blocks were used as multi-storey open plan offices.  The building complex has a canteen and welfare facilities on the [...]

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An Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Substances

An assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances

Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Substances Little Hampton was home to our next project, a factory which specialises in the production of plastic components for automotive and retail industry. The client requested our services in order to carry out an assessment of occupational exposure to hazardous substances. The factory operates a continuous production with working shifts [...]

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BREEAM air quality test in London St. James’s Market -Regent Street

breeam, formaldehyde, voc, london

Recently we were requested to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a two-block, seven-storey commercial development in central London. We needed to assess the indoor air quality against the BREEAM assessment scheme and ensure that the indoor air quality was fit for inhabitation. Each building consisted of 7 open plan floors. The [...]

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Breeam formaldehyde and VOC indoor air quality testing in Cambridge

breeam formaldehyde and voc test cambridge

Recently Sysco Environmental Limited was requested to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a three-storey office building in Cambridge. The indoor air quality was assessed according to the BREEAM assessment scheme, which has well defined limits to levels of contamination. It was our job to measure the concentration of formaldehyde in the [...]

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Formaldehyde exposure in an apartment from newly installed furniture

indoor air quality & formaldehide

One of my clients living in the central London areas has ordered and installed large in build wardrobes in his apartment. The unit were manufactures abroad in a third world country and therefore the therefore the manufacturing process and more specifically the wood treatment process was likely to be poorly controlled. My client has become [...]

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BREEAM VOC and Formaldehyde test in medical facility

I have been appointed to carry out an indoor air quality test in a newly constructed medical facility in South of England. The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate the levels of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde after the building has been constructed. The construction company has built the building in accordance with BREEAM [...]

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