College Lead Survey

I have been appointed to carry out a building lead survey prior a major refurbishment of a large college. The building was quite dated and was in need to more thorough renovation. The management of the college has decided that parts of the building should be stripped and refurbished to a better standard. The refurbishment work required a soft strip of the existing partition walls, ceiling and other fitting. It also required some substantial work on materials which were likely to contain lead.

lead survey

I have carried out a lead surveys of the property in order to identify all lead containing materials which, when work with, could give rise to significant exposure of employees. I have collected sampled throughout the building from materials I have suspected of containing lead.

lead testing

The lead surveys was carried in accordance with The Control of Lead at Work Regulation and provided a comprehensive Lead register for the college management team. I have identified lead in coating materials on stairway banister and internal window.

lead inspection

The lead survey has provided my client with information which help the management team to adequately control the risk from lead exposure. Fortunately for the college the extent of the lead containing materials was only small and therefore relatively easy to control.

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