Basement (crawlspace ) air causing indoor air quality problems

Air quality investigation is a complex task an only rarely the investigator come across immediately obvious answer to a problem. Typical investigation will usually involve sampling for most likely contaminants in the hope that some will be present at the concentration likely to cause the experienced adverse health symptoms. Preparation and consultation with the client [...]

Crawlspace a hidden source of indoor air contaminants

Crawlspace in a typical residential building is a relatively low or narrow space below the lower story of a building. It differs from a basement by its shallow depth which does not allow for a person to stand up. Crawl space is usually not accessible (not regularly) and is not meant for storage of materials. [...]

Pest and Mould contamination after boiler leak

Water damage to the property is not usually limited to the immediately obvious water staining and possible material deterioration but sometimes escalates into a more complex issue affecting the indoor air quality in the whole property and having negative effect on the health of the  occupants. Water damage to a building is usually not a [...]