Noise exposure on a powder packaging line

Control of noise in induction environment is an important challenge for health and safety managers. Some situation are inherently noisy and very difficult to control especially if old equipment is used and installations are complex. I have evaluated employees’ exposure to noise in a powder packaging unit. The unit consisted of one open plan packaging [...]

Mould contamination of a newly constructed apartment block

mould testing

It is a fact that just because an apartment or a house is newly build the owners do not have to deal with issues. In fact, an aged property with no history of dampness or leaks has probably less indoor air quality issues than a brand new building. I have visited a relatively newly constructed [...]

Mould contamination of an apartment for adjacent property

mould contamination in bathroom

Occupiers of an apartment in an inner city London were concerned about mould contamination in their home from an adjacent property. The neighbouring property was affected by water leak from the bathroom and construction fault on the balcony which resulted in significant water damage and mould contamination. The adjacent property was stripped to shell and [...]

Crystalline silica dust monitoring in a quarry

respirable crystaline silica

Stone excavation and quarrying is an inherently dangerous operation. In addition to the most obvious hazards associated with this work the less obvious but equally important is exposure to silica dust. Many operation performed on quarry site from drilling, excavating, crushing, screening and grinding can produce significant levels of respirable silica dust. Further, bulk material [...]

Building lead survey prior major refurbishment

lead material survey

Old buildings contain many materials which we now consider toxic or hazardous to health. These materials were either used directly in the construction of the buildings or were introduced later during its lifetime. Typical hazardous materials used in the construction were asbestos, lead and PCB others such as mercury or many specialty chemicals may have [...]

Respirable crystalline silica exposure in worktop manufacture

respirable crystalline silica testing

Work with natural materials and man-made materials containing quartz has a potential to exposed employees or installation engineers to significant levels of respirable crystalline silica. People working in worktop manufacturing, concrete productions, quarries and stonemasonries are usually most at risk from exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Silica is a natural substance found in most rocks, [...]

Indoor air quality plan for student accommodation block

indoor air quality plan

I have recently prepared in indoor air quality plan for a newly constructed student accommodation block for a large university. The student accommodation building consisted of almost 80 studios and over 60 bedroom spread over 5 floors. The accommodation block was located in vicinity of the university but not on the main university campus. There [...]

New primary school indoor air quality plan

indoor air quality plan

Indoor air quality plan (IAQP) for new developments must consider many aspects such as location of the new development in relation to significant pollution sources, proposed means of ventilation and the overall building layout. Preparation of an indoor air quality plan in accordance with the BREEAM guidance requires the developer to create a plan of [...]