About Me

Hi there,

My name is Tomas I’ve been crawling through people’s houses lifting carpets, opening walls, sampling and testing for impossible things for long enough. I feel I can share some of mine experience with you in the hope that you might find it useful in some way.

On this blog I would like to share my experience about my mould and indoor air quality inspections. I will try to tell you how I identified the issue, what has caused it and how we treated it.

I gain my Master degree at the University where I was a part of a team of people looking into die-back of trees in central Europe. I have been working on investigating bacteria living on roots of tree samplings and more specifically the enzymatic activity of these bacteria. After university I have started working for a company specializing in building investigation and hazard identification. I have progressed through several areas related to occupational health and exposure of workers to hazardous chemicals. More recently I have participated in toxic substances decontaminations in Mali and Ivory Coast in South West Africa.

Indoor air quality as a subject become my passion about 4 years ago and I started to do investigative work in people’s homes trying to identify the various irritants people get exposed in normal course of life.

I hope you will find some helpful information on this blog, related website or the forum to address your particular problems and resolved them.

If you have a question or want unbiased, uninvolved opinion just ask .