Anthrax Contaminated Land

If you work in construction, you may be exposed to anthrax in certain situations. You will need to identify and assess the land of where work is taking place although the risk of getting anthrax is considerably low. Workers may be at more risk in a number of situations, such as: Crypt clearances involving opening [...]

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Lead Paint Inspection

If a building was built before the 1980s, there is a good chance lead-based paint was used on surfaces such as window frames, door frames, skirting boards, and even some walls. If the paint is in good condition it may present a low risk, however, if the paint is damaged or flaking, this may cause [...]

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Formaldehyde + VOC Assessment example

We were contacted by a company in London asking for an assessment of indoor air quality for the purpose of the BREAM assessment scheme. The objectives of this assessment were to; Measure the concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor environment.Measure the concentration of total volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the indoor environment.Evaluate the site compliance [...]

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Breeam Air Quality Plan for West Gordon Community Hub

At West Gorton Community hub we were called to help draw up an indoor air, BREEAM air quality plan. As part of our plan we need to describe the steps that would be taken during design construction, commissioning and handover of the community hub to ensure that the indoor air quality was acceptable. The community [...]

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Respirable crystalline silica exposure in worktop manufacture

respirable crystalline silica testing

Work with natural materials and man-made materials containing quartz has a potential to exposed employees or installation engineers to significant levels of respirable crystalline silica. People working in worktop manufacturing, concrete productions, quarries and stonemasonries are usually most at risk from exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Silica is a natural substance found in most rocks, [...]

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Plastic fumes during injection moulding

plastic fumes

I have recently carried out an occupation exposure assessment in an injection moulding facility. The employees working at the facility were being exposure to low level of fumes released from the injection moulding machines. The employer was concerned about the potential health risk from the fumes and thus requested a formal evaluation. Plastics used in [...]

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College Lead Survey

lead survey

I have been appointed to carry out a building lead survey prior a major refurbishment of a large college. The building was quite dated and was in need to more thorough renovation. The management of the college has decided that parts of the building should be stripped and refurbished to a better standard. The refurbishment [...]

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Welding fumes exposure assesment

Close up on welding bay and welding fumes

I have recently visited a company which specialises in production of catalytic converters. The company had a fairly large production area with approximately 60 employees. The majority of the employees were engaged in welding operations with a small number working on CNC machines. All of the welding operatives were engaged in similar type of work [...]

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Bacterial sampling on a production line

A cosmetic product manufacturer located in the north of the country was experiencing problems with bacterial contamination in the one of his product lines. The technical team has suspected that one of the product filling lines is not operating appropriately and may be the source of bacterial in the product. It has been decided that [...]

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Basement (crawlspace ) air causing indoor air quality problems

Air quality investigation is a complex task an only rarely the investigator come across immediately obvious answer to a problem. Typical investigation will usually involve sampling for most likely contaminants in the hope that some will be present at the concentration likely to cause the experienced adverse health symptoms. Preparation and consultation with the client [...]

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