Indoor air quality (Breeam) on Regent Street, London

Indoor air quality testing (Breeam) is fast becoming a standard for new development to achieve best possible living environment for the future occupants. Customers’ demands on quality of the living environment and air quality in dwelling are very high. Air quality is especially important in the inner-city areas where the contaminants accumulates and are difficult to disperse. In this project, we have attended the Crown Estate development on Regent street in London. Our aim was to verify that the air quality in the newly developed apartment was good meeting the highest requirements of the Breeam scheme.

Air quality test, formaldehyde, voc

The apartment in this prime location was approximately 100m2 with newly installed wooden floors, plaster board wall panelling and ceilings. The apartment had a fully integrated kitchenette opened into the living space.

To adequately asses the indoor air quality in this apartment we have carried out 2 volatiles test and 2 formaldehyde tests representatively spread throughout the apartment. The Breeam fume samples were collected in accordance with ISO standards and send to a accredited laboratory for further analysis.

Formaldehyde air test, voc air test

Following the results from our partner laboratory we were please to conclude that the air quality in the apartment was of very good standard. The measured levels of contaminants were very low, approximately 10% of the permissible limit. The assessment provided out client with evidence for the bream assessor who has awarded the Breeam point for this assessment.

The main sources of formaldehyde in this situation were the compressed wood products used for the construction of the kitchen units. The formaldehyde contamination is becoming a less of an issue in the construction industry as the formaldehyde containing products are becoming rare. This irritating compounds is being quickly replaced by much less hazardous alternatives.

Volatile compounds often released from the paints, adhesive and cleaning products are much more difficult to control and if poorly controlled can results in a failure of the assessment.

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