Lead Paint – Reduce the risk

Sysco environmental carries out a variety of services to benefit clients in identifying and offering recommendations to reduce the risk of hazards developing. One of the services we offer are Lead Inspections, Sysco have carried out several services to do with Lead containing materials which you can find on Lead Inspection News.

If you know or feel like you have exposed lead paint feel free to contact Sysco using the contact page. Sysco can carry out a Lead Paint Inspection and give you recommended actions to take to remove the threat safely without putting yourself at risk. 

Sysco will come to your business/home and carry out a survey using a selection of equipment and take samples to be tested. You will then receive the results in a report of the inspection and given all of the details and recommended actions to take. You should not attempt to remove Lead paint without understanding the risks as disturbing the paint can create dust which if ingested can cause significant health problems. Sysco also sells a Lead Test Kit which can be used to detect lead in homes and industrial settings with a full report. This will help you achieve healthier living conditions.

This test kit is easy to do by anyone and can be achieved in 4 simple steps. Lead Paint test kit

  1. Mark the sampling bag with a unique identifier
  2. Using a suitable tool (Sharp knife, chisel, screwdriver) collect 10-50g of material (spoon full)
  3. Fill in a simple form
  4. Post the samples to our laboratory


You can find more information on lead here.

Link through to Sysco - Nationwide specialists in hazard exposure monitoring
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