Microbiological Investigation in Dorking

microbiological investigation in dorking

Conducting a microbiological investigation Our recent project was a mansion building situated in Dorking. Our client instructed us to carry out a building inspection and microbiological sampling and to evaluate the presence of suspected fungal contamination to the external rendering of the building.  The mansion is a three-storey building with rendered traditional stone walls and [...]

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Indoor Air Quality assessment and damp survey

Indoor air quality assessment and damp survey

Contaminants in the indoor atmosphere In today’s article we discuss a recent project where we conducted an assessment of indoor air quality and a damp survey. Our client contacted us as the occupants of a flat had reported strong damp related odours, these odours were strongest in the master bedroom en-suite. The occupants had also [...]

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Indoor Air Quality Assessment in Hemel Hempstead

Indoor air quality assessment in Hemel Hempstead

Reports of respiratory irritation If the indoor air in a building is contaminated with mould spores, it is likely to effect your health and could cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma. This is because mould produces an allergen which could cause an allergic reaction such as sneezing, skin rash and a runny nose however if [...]

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Property damage due to inadequate construction and leaking services

I have been called in to evaluate the extent of water damaged to the newly building designer property in the London area. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the extent of the water damage to the property, identify whether the property is contaminated by black water (sewage water), evaluate the levels of mould [...]

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Mould remediation guidelines – Part 1- New York City Guidelines

Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation  of  Fungi in Indoor Environments New York City Department of  Health and Mental Hygiene (November 2008) Open original document …. NEW YORK city has developed formal mould remediation guidelines in 1993 and since then these guidelines have been subjected to several revisions namely in 2000 and in 2008. The principal [...]

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Deep clean of soft furnishing – Clean verification

Evaluate cleanliness of a particular area or an item can be sometimes very difficult and daunting task. More so, if the items to be evaluated are complex and constructed from porous materials. There are virtually no guidelines on what is considered to be clean and what not, with the rare exception of industrial clean rooms, [...]

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Fine particle dust – respiratory and neurological irritation

I was contacted by a gentleman who was suffering from unknown and rather severe respiratory irritation whenever he spent some time in his home. His symptoms have appeared and then gradually worsen since he moved into his new home. The property itself was about 30 years old but has been newly refurbished and re-fitted with [...]

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Mould remediation – insufficient drying

In January last year I’ve been called to assess mould damage to a two storey detached property. The plumbing system in the dated house has suffered and failure which resulted into flooding of the whole house. This incident has happen over Christmas period and the occupier of the house was not present in the property [...]

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