Formaldehyde + VOC Assessment example

We were contacted by a company in London asking for an assessment of indoor air quality for the purpose of the BREAM assessment scheme. The objectives of this assessment were to; Measure the concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor environment.Measure the concentration of total volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the indoor environment.Evaluate the site compliance [...]

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Indoor air quality assessment in regards to Formaldehyde

assessing indoor air quality in regards to formaldehyde

What is Formaldehyde and where is it found? Formaldehyde has many medical and industrial applications. The ubiquitous low-molecular weight substance is volatile and can be found indoors as well as outdoors. It is found extensively in textiles as well as in building products used in commercial and residential buildings. Millions of us are unknowingly exposed [...]

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Indoor air quality (Breeam) on Regent Street, London

Breeam, voc, formaldehyde

Indoor air quality testing (Breeam) is fast becoming a standard for new development to achieve best possible living environment for the future occupants. Customers’ demands on quality of the living environment and air quality in dwelling are very high. Air quality is especially important in the inner-city areas where the contaminants accumulates and are difficult [...]

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Breeam indoor air quality test in school

As public awareness about the importance of indoor air quality grows the construction industry had to adapt to satisfy customers that their buildings are safe and healthy to live in. There has been a number of schemes developed for the construction industry which ensure that the newly constructed building do not represent a long term [...]

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Breeam indoor air quaity testing in sports trainning facility

Indoor air quality is becoming more and more important for people. The construction industry is recognising the importance of the good air quality and has introduced many measures to improve the air inside newly constructed buildings. Because we spend more than 80 percent of our time indoors the exposure to various contaminants can have significant [...]

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