Extensive water damage to a property in Watford

Extensive water damage to a property in Watford

Property suffering from extensive water damage Today we travelled to Watford, where our client’s property was suffering from extensive water damage. We attended the site in order to conduct an indoor air quality assessment in relation to selected biological contaminants. While the property was occupied by tenants, the property suffered from condensation mould in various [...]

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Indoor Air Quality assessment and damp survey

Indoor air quality assessment and damp survey

Contaminants in the indoor atmosphere In today’s article we discuss a recent project where we conducted an assessment of indoor air quality and a damp survey. Our client contacted us as the occupants of a flat had reported strong damp related odours, these odours were strongest in the master bedroom en-suite. The occupants had also [...]

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Indoor Air Quality Assessment in Hemel Hempstead

Indoor air quality assessment in Hemel Hempstead

Reports of respiratory irritation If the indoor air in a building is contaminated with mould spores, it is likely to effect your health and could cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma. This is because mould produces an allergen which could cause an allergic reaction such as sneezing, skin rash and a runny nose however if [...]

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Indoor Air Quality Assessment in Ilkeston

Indoor air quality assessment in Ilkeston

Assessing Indoor Air Quality in a Dental Practice Our most recent project took us to Ilkeston, where our client invited us to attend his dental practice with the objective of carrying out an assessment of the indoor air quality in relation to biological contaminants. The building has a history of long term condensation and mould [...]

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Mould investigation at a development site

Mould investigation at development site

Evidence of mould contamination  A large developer contacted us and requested us to evaluate an occurrence of mould contamination on a new development site. The development is a former large factory which is being refurbished into a combination of retirement residential apartments, care units and a range of welfare facilities for the elderly. Due to [...]

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Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Indoor air quality assessment in residential property

Why we were called to carry out an assessment of Indoor Air Quality Bedfordshire was home to our next project, a two storey detached residential property. The property was constructed as part of a new residential development so is surrounded by properties of similar construction and use. The building consists of a kitchen, toilet, storage [...]

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Damp and Mould investigation in a Library

Damp and mould investigation

Damp and mould growth history in the property In this article we will discuss our recent visit to a library based in Leeds where we were requested to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality in relation to selected biological contaminants. The library, a period three storey town building is situated in the busy [...]

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Mould investigation and employees exposure evaluation in Leeds

moulds survey and air quality evaluation in leeds

In this article, we take a look at a local library we were called to evaluate and certify safe for occupation. After evaluating the general state of the building, looking at the level of fungal contamination and conducting microbiological analysis, we identified that the air quality in the basement bookstores was poor with respect to [...]

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Air quality surveys in a residential home in London

Mould to ceiling

In this episode, we look at a case where we were called to carry out a property inspection and microbiological sampling. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the levels of fungal elements in the indoor air and evaluate the risk to health of the property occupants. The property itself was a two-storey detached [...]

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Mould survey of a former residential building

mould in the extension to building

This week, we were called to check the indoor air quality of a two storey-semi detached town property in Langold. Years ago the building was converted from a residential building to a commercial property. Unfortunately for the owners, the property has a history of persistent damp problems, particularly within the back extension to the building. [...]

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