A Damp and Mould investigation

Damp and mould investigation

Damp History For our most recent project we attended a dental practice and were instructed to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality in relation to selected biological contaminants. The dental practice is situated in Moffat town centre and is closely surrounded by similar buildings. The property, a two-storey period building with painted stone [...]

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Mould investigation in a residential property

Mould Investigation in residential property

History of mould in property For our next project we were invited to a residential property to undertake an assessment of indoor air quality in relation to selected biological contaminants. The building itself is a two-storey residential property with external brick walls and a pitched tiled roof. The ground floor consists of a living room, [...]

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Damp investigation in Wakefield

Damp investigation in dental practice

Damp history within the property  Wakefield, a small town in West Yorkshire was our next stop. The building of interest was a dental practice in which we were requested to carry out a building inspection and damp survey. The practice is a three-storey terraced town building with brick external walls and a pitched tiled roof. [...]

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Mould investigation and employees exposure evaluation in Leeds

moulds survey and air quality evaluation in leeds

In this article, we take a look at a local library we were called to evaluate and certify safe for occupation. After evaluating the general state of the building, looking at the level of fungal contamination and conducting microbiological analysis, we identified that the air quality in the basement bookstores was poor with respect to [...]

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Air quality surveys in a residential home in London

Mould to ceiling

In this episode, we look at a case where we were called to carry out a property inspection and microbiological sampling. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the levels of fungal elements in the indoor air and evaluate the risk to health of the property occupants. The property itself was a two-storey detached [...]

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Mould Survey & Damp Investigation in Kidlington

mould investigation in Kidlington, Oxford

Kidlington is a large village, 5 miles north of Oxford, and was the home of our next client. The client had requested an indoor air quality report of a dental surgery which was a semi-detached two-storey building and was situated on a major road. The building dates back to the early 1900’s and had recently [...]

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Mould contamination of building in Tonbridge

mould and damp in building in Tombridge

Recently we were called to take a look at a dentistry in Tonbridge that had been having some issues with damp. After evaluating the building and the indoor air quality, we identified that the indoor air quality in the basement  surgery  and the waiting room had been significantly affected by elevated numbers of allergenic fungal [...]

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Chard Indoor Air Quality and damp investigation

mould and damp investigation in card, mould surveys , damp survey

Recently, we were called to investigate the indoor air quality of a dentistry that had been suffering from damp in Chard. After evaluating the general state of the building, the extent of contamination and conducting microbiological analysis we identified that the indoor air quality in the dental practice was safe. The building had two main [...]

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Damp building investigation in Bristol

damp building investigation in Bristol

Not too long ago we were called to investigate the indoor air quality and overall safety of a building in Bristol. Prior to our arrival, the property had a history of persistent damp problems on the ground floor. The owners have been lining indoor areas with plastic sheeting in order to mask the deterioration of [...]

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Birmingham Cattshill – building damp and mould investigation

mould and damp in Birmingham

We were called to evaluate the extent of the water damage to a residential property, to identify the root causes of damp and to recommend the most suitable remediation measure. We needed to make sure that the dampness wasn’t damaging the indoor air quality. In order to identify what the source of the dampness was, [...]

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