Mould and pigeon faeces contamination of building in Tonbridge

pigeon faeces contamination

Recently we were called to take a look at a building in Tonbridge that had been having some issues with damp. After evaluating the building and the indoor air quality, we identified that the indoor air quality in on office and the waiting room had been significantly affected by elevated numbers of allergenic fungal spores. [...]

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Microbiological verification – sewage cleaning

Sewage contamination in pub

We have been appointed to carry out a microbiological verification for the presence of sewage related pathogen. Recent heavy rainfall in a small town Hempel Hempstead have caused one of the local pubs to be flooded by sewage water. The rain water surged through the waste system and burst in through the drain inside of the [...]

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Property repeatedly flooded by sewage water causing odours and mould

I have visited a four storey terraced house in the inner London city area which has been subjected to several water leaks some of which were caused by black water. The family living in this house has moved in only couple of months ago and has already endured three significant leaks which have flooded parts [...]

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Black water (Sewage) contamination after toilet overflow

Inner city London apartment has suffered from a black water (sewage water) overflow from a faulty toilet. At the time of the incident the properly owners were unfortunately on holiday and discovered the leak only after several week. By this time quite a substantial mould growth has developed on the affected flooring and plasterboard partition [...]

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Microbial Volatiles – Bedroom odour

In January I was invited once again to the north of the country to investigate long lasting and persistent indoor air quality and odour problem in newly build country house. The building was about two years old and very early after moving into the property one of the downstairs bedroom was suffering from persistent poor [...]

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