Testing Indoor Air Quality for Chemical contaminants

Testing indoor air quality for chemical contaminants

Reports of unusual odours  Today we were in Gloucestershire, where we were asked to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality in relation to chemical contaminants. We were contacted as employees working in the offices had reported smelling unusual odours. The odours reported are described as cigarette smoke-like or acrid, smoke and burn related. [...]

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Poor Indoor Air Quality in a South Yorkshire Courthouse

Poor indoor air quality in a courhouse

History of Poor Indoor Air Quality South Yorkshire was home to our most recent project. We were invited to a Courthouse and instructed to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality in relation to selected biological contaminants. The Courthouse, a modern three storey building is situated in an industrial area of Sheffield. The second [...]

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BREEAM Indoor air quality test in industrial unit

Newly purpose build industrial units were being constructed on the outskirts of London in close proximity to the Heathrow airport. The location of the unit in an industrial areas and close proximity of significant sources of pollution from major road network and air traffic had to be taken into consideration when conduction a BREEAM air [...]

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Air quality investigation in college IT room

college computer room air quality

Investigation of air quality problems is a difficult task requiring detailed knowledge about the affected environment, possible contaminants sources and most of all it requires an open mind to be able to spot potential problem areas. I have been asked to investigate possible indoor air quality problems in an Oxford college after one of the [...]

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Poor air qaulity in the office environment

Office environments are places which often suffer from indoor air quality problems. The reasons for poor  air quality can range from insufficient fresh air supply, poor air filtration, off gassing from furniture and fittings, contaminants introduced by maintenance or cleaning personnel,  building services failures, contaminants introduced by occupants them self, computers, photocopiers and  many others. [...]

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