Breeam Air Quality Plan for West Gordon Community Hub

At West Gorton Community hub we were called to help draw up an indoor air, BREEAM air quality plan. As part of our plan we need to describe the steps that would be taken during design construction, commissioning and handover of the community hub to ensure that the indoor air quality was acceptable. The community [...]

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BREEAM air quality test in London St. James’s Market -Regent Street

breeam, formaldehyde, voc, london

Recently we were requested to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a two-block, seven-storey commercial development in central London. We needed to assess the indoor air quality against the BREEAM assessment scheme and ensure that the indoor air quality was fit for inhabitation. Each building consisted of 7 open plan floors. The [...]

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VOC test for a failed BREEAM development

voc testing for breeam development

Indoor air quality testing is one of the requirement in obtaining credits for Breeam projects. Breeam put an emphasis on the well being of future occupant and the developers must follow strict guidelines to unsure high quality of the indoor environment. One of the parameters that is closely monitored is indoor air quality which is ensured [...]

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