Property repeatedly flooded by sewage water causing odours and mould


I have visited a four storey terraced house in the inner London city area which has been subjected to several water leaks some of which were caused by black water. The family living in this house has moved in only couple of months ago and has already endured three significant leaks which have flooded parts [...]

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Property damage due to inadequate construction and leaking services

enclosed toilet cistern

I have been called in to evaluate the extent of water damaged to the newly building designer property in the London area. The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the extent of the water damage to the property, identify whether the property is contaminated by black water (sewage water), evaluate the levels of mould [...]

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Feacal Bacteria in Soft Play Area

Not so good Deep Clean

Last week a small but serious accident happened at one of the major furniture store outlets. A failure of the customer’s toilet has resulted into flooding of children soft play area with sewage water. The store has reacted promptly and closed and stripped the whole area to structural brickwork. The whole area has been cleaned [...]

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