Indoor air quality investigation at police HQ

indoor air quality investigation

For this project we were called to carry out an assessment of indoor air quality at a police station, looking for biological and chemical contaminants with reports of burnt odours on the premises and symptoms of irritation amongst the staff. After evaluating the general state of the building, it was our opinion that the indoor [...]

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Poor air qaulity in the office environment

Office environments are places which often suffer from indoor air quality problems. The reasons for poor  air quality can range from insufficient fresh air supply, poor air filtration, off gassing from furniture and fittings, contaminants introduced by maintenance or cleaning personnel,  building services failures, contaminants introduced by occupants them self, computers, photocopiers and  many others. [...]

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One problem masking another causing IAQ problems

Water leak in any property can have a have a long lasting effect and some unforeseen consequences. In this particulate case a substantial mould contamination to the part of the property was triggered by relatively small water leak to a modern boiler situated in the loft of a small bungalow. The leak has caused saturation [...]

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