Dust and indoor air quality

2 week accumulation of dust on the window sill

Generally the levels of dust are not a problem in the indoor environment unless a close source is present in close vicinity. In this case I have been invited to investigate the indoor air quality in an office building located in an industrial part of the city. The indoor air quality in the building was not bad as [...]

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Un/resolved case

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Indoor air quality investigation may not always produce the expected results and sometimes the results of such investigation are often inconclusive. This is particularly true in the air contamination is only one of the suspected causes of a particular problem or the airborne contaminants are present only sporadically, for short periods of time or sometimes [...]

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Poor Indoor Air Quality – Offices

Building corner below ground level

Just before the start of winter I was invited by the management of large hospital in the north of the country to investigate a case of poor indoor air quality in a small office building. The office workers have been complaining from a poor indoor air quality for several months. They suffered from throat irritations [...]

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