Microbiological verification – sewage cleaning

We have been appointed to carry out a microbiological verification for the presence of sewage related pathogen. Recent heavy rainfall in a small town Hempel Hempstead have caused one of the local pubs to be flooded by sewage water. The rain water surged through the waste system and burst in through the drain inside of the pubs toilet. The flood was not especially severe but has flooded the establishment by approximately 10cm of rain water mixed with sewage. The owners of the pub have acted very quickly and pumped the water out almost as fast as it was coming in.  Despite of their efforts most of the areas where the customers visit were affected by the food.

Clearance verification and testing for presence of pathogens

Testing for presence of sewage bacteria

Once the situation was brought under control the owners of the establishment disposed of all the affected carpeting. Several industrial dehumidifiers were put in place to dry the place out. A specialist cleaning contractor was called in to sanitise the areas and make them safe for the customers to visit. Due to the fact that the public areas were flooded by sewage, special preclusion had to be taken to ensure the safety of the occupants. The appointed contractor has thoroughly sanitised and decontaminated all the affected areas.

Pathogen testing following sewage leak

Pathogen test in the public area

We have been called in by the pub managers to provide an additional layer of control over the appointed contractor and to provide evidence that the pub has been fully sanitised and is ready to be visited by public. The have carried out a range of microbiological contamination test for specific sewage related bacteria.  The purpose of the evaluation was to verify that the affected areas were free from contamination by sewage. We have collected samples from the affected areas and analysed them for the presence of sewage related bacteria. Our microbiological verification after the sewage clean has provided our customer with clear evidence that the areas were satisfactory sanitised and that there was no risk to health to the pubs patrons.

Pathogen testing in food preparation areas

Bacterial test in food preparation areas

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