Failed mould removal project

I have been appointed to carry out post project verification after a mould removal in a large property. A contractor has been appointed to thoroughly clean and decontaminate all internal areas of this property. The overall objectives were to reduce fungal spore level in the internal areas to normal conditions and remove any dust debris and waste from within the property. The project has been carried out by experienced decontamination company which employed traditional clean-up methods.

During the site inspection it was immediately obvious that the contractors lacked the necessary knowledge  to carry out the decontamination to a satisfactory level. The photograph shows the level of professional incompetence showed by the contractor.

The amount of dust and debris on floor after deep clean

The amount of dust and debris on floor after deep clean


Building rabble and debris left behing damp proffing membranes

Building rubble and debris left behind damp proofing membranes

The project was failed onsite and thorough re-cleaned of the whole property has been recommended. The subsequent re-clean of the property generated and full 4-ton skip of debris and waste from within the property. Contractors undertaking mould and other hazarsous substance decontamination projects need to be fully aware of the methods and various requirements these project present. You can find more about mould removal project requiremnts is this article.

By Tomas Gabor

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