Bacteria and mould contamination of working environment following a deep clean.

factory ilustrative photo

Following my previous assessment of bacteria and mould contamination in the workplace of this major manufacturer I have been asked to return to the factory and carry out a second evaluation following a major deep clean of the working areas. The employers has decided to clean the working areas despite the fact that the proviso [...]

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Property repeatedly flooded by sewage water causing odours and mould


I have visited a four storey terraced house in the inner London city area which has been subjected to several water leaks some of which were caused by black water. The family living in this house has moved in only couple of months ago and has already endured three significant leaks which have flooded parts [...]

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Crawlspace a hidden source of indoor air contaminants


Crawlspace in a typical residential building is a relatively low or narrow space below the lower story of a building. It differs from a basement by its shallow depth which does not allow for a person to stand up. Crawl space is usually not accessible (not regularly) and is not meant for storage of materials. [...]

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